ACCION MUTANTE - Worse Than A Virus CD

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ACCION MUTANTE - Worse Than A Virus CD

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After nineteen years of skull smashing, extreme crust the German crust veterans ACCION MUTANTE release their first full length “ Worse than a Virus” on Power It Up Records and Give Praise Records. 17 new blast attacks of ripping, intense, pulverizing d- deat crust. The song structure is similar to that of say “DESTROY!” with distorted, growled vocals. Full-on, raging political crust with enough variety and anger to really make it interesting. The band’s self-proclaimed influences are DISCHARGE, DOOM, and EXTREME NOISE TERROR. Throw in some NAPALM DEATH and ACCION MUTANTE is what you get. Includes a patch!






1. Narcissism of Mankind

2. Stop FGM

3. Misanthropolis

4. The First Stone

5. Der Erste Schnee

6. Kids

7. Bored

8. The Key

9. I Would Do It Again

10. Dusty The Dog

11. Prophecy

12. Feed Me

13. Zombie J

14. Elephant In The Snow

15. No

16. Evil Aliens

17. Kranenwald

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