AHNA / CETASCEAN - Imperial decline split LP

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AHNA / CETASCEAN - Imperial decline split LP

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AHNA (van.) and CETASCEAN (wpg.) meet minds with the release of their split LP Imperial Decline. This record serves up 7 tracks of brutalizing anti-oppressive crust punk: distorted, mincing, noisy. At its core, this is a crust record, but it is at times as contorted as the world that hatched it. AHNA continues their foray into a death metal influence that is as blown out as it is disgusting. The added guitar player only adds another layer to the injury. CETASCEAN achieves a new level of brutality, incorporating elements of stenchcore, swedish hardcore, sludge, and blackened raw punk. The record delivers thought provoking themes critiquing imperial war mongering, weapons manufacturing, vivisection, environmental annihilation, neocolonialism, and systemic oppression within and outside the DIY punk community.

Profane Existence