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The Antigama/Nyia split CD features exclusive new songs recorded especially for the bands' Polish Mind Eaters Tour 2007. Nyia, the quintet from Olsztyn (Feto Records), features former members of legendary Kobong and Prophecy (Poland) and offers three complex escapades of chaotic yet precise grind/metal. The Warsaw quartet Antigama (Relapse) serves up six songs of untypical, remarkable, progressive and extreme grind/metal/noise. These two most brutal and talented acts are great proof of the terrific shape and form of Polish metal music.

"This is a very nicely balanced split between a pair of awesome “avant-grind” bands. I think the Nyia side outshines Antigama by just a bit even if the entire disc is a top cut of beef. If you’re a fan of either band (or both) you simply can’t go wrong with this. Overall, it’s pretty short but the material is all killer and no filler. Fans of brutal, forward thinking grind should eat this up with a spoon." —

"All hail Poland, where extreme experimental metal is alive and well, as this 16-minute split CD proves. Heck, this could have been a four-minute disc and it still would have annihilated these guys’ North American colleagues in crime. Nyia are just getting better, combining a stuttering, staggering technical grind and hardcore sound with melodic vocals and an atmospheric edge. Somewhere between Knut, mid-era Napalm Death and Tool? Sure. The songs have crystal-clear production, which brings out the maniacal drumming, definitely the band’s strongest point. Then it’s everyone’s favourite weirdo-grinders Antigama, with another handful of songs filled with bizarre song structures, left-field drumming moves and ear-shattering riffs. These guys are the future of grindcore, and it sounds oh so sweet. Man, this is one refreshing CD. Who would have thought the best thing I’ve heard so far this year would be a split CD EP?" — Greg Pratt /


1. Of The Will (Nyia)

2. Of The Power (Nyia)

3. Of Those (Nyia)

4. Beyond Me (Antigama)

5. Nature (Antigama)

6. Only (Antigama)

7. Torture (Antigama)

8. Adv (Antigama)

9. The Trio Infernal (Antigama)

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