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ANTIGAMA - Stop The Chaos LP



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I'd go as far as to say that the day Barney and the boys decide to retire, we have the heirs to the throne waiting right here on the wings. Excellent piece of metal, this is! Check it out! - (Rating: 88/100)

ANTIGAMA return after 3 years of silence with the strongest line-up in the band's career: Lukasz Myszkowski - vocals, electronics; Sebastian Rokicki - guitar; Michal Zawadzki - bass; Pawel Jaroszewicz - drums, percussions.


Recorded at Warsaw's Progresja Studio with sound engineer Pawel “Janos” Grabowski, and commissioned the mixing and mastering duties to longtime friend and prominent Polish music producer Szymon Czech (Nyia, Third Degree).


Featuring six tracks of the band's monolithic crushing power and cutting-edge grindcore tactics, "Stop The Chaos" is the most mature ANTIGAMA's material to date!

This EP is pretty much a nonstop aural assault completely hell bent on making the brain vomit. - American Aftermath

Antigama’s “Stop The Chaos” is a defiantly a satisfy-able release that will have all you grind maniacs well pleased. So what are you waiting for? - Axis Of Metal (8/10)

If you don't normally like grind, I dare you to take a listen to this album as this is some high quality stuff that deserves a listen. For all of you who are already into grind, pick this up: It's one of the best albums that you will hear all year. - Pure Grain Audio

"Stop The Chaos" is an excellent Antigama release, sounding like a healthy mix of the "Zeroland" and "Resonance" albums. Sebastian's riffs are devastatingly good, keeping the weird chords and sounds that Antigama are known for, while still keeping everything rooted in familiar grind/metal territory. (...) Highly recommended. - Operation Grindcore (8.5/10)

In case you are looking for a brutal release that has decent technical proficiencies, “Stop the Chaos” is definitely the right album for you. Combining groovy DM riffs with the intensity of Brutal Death Metal and Grindcore (minus the pig squeals), Antigama is truly one of the most perfectly brutal bands out there. - Infernal Masquerade (85/100)


1. E Conspectu

2. The Law

3. Stop The Chaos

4. Find The Function

5. Intricate Trap

6. The End

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