BLACKOUT - Stop the Clock CD

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BLACKOUT - Stop the Clock CD

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Following directly on their heels of their 2007 debut LP, Minneapolis's BLACKOUT deliver another dose of angst-ridden punk rock'n'roll madness. The music is powerful hardcore punk (read POISON IDEA) with a healthy dose of MOTORHEAD style metal. Lyrics are cut-to-the-bone observations about life on the ugly underside of society and are heavily influenced by classic American Blues music. BLACKOUT members have been part of the Profane Existence family for nearly two decades and include members of ASSRASH, PROVOKED, STILLBORN, PHALANX, etc. As with the previous album, this was recorded at the House of Misery studio and a vinyl version will soon be out on Aborted Society Records. Musically this album is much more matured than their previous album and the production is not as roughshod nor rushed as their first release.

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