BREATHILIZOR - For The Ultimate Pain of Medusa's... LP

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BREATHILIZOR - For The Ultimate Pain of Medusa's... LP

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Choke to death on the miasmal morbidity of BREATHILIZOR! Recorded inside a decommissioned sulfur mine near Cleveland in early 1993, “For The Ultimate Pain Of Medusa's Love" was originally slated for release on fledgling Norwegian metal label Deathlike Silence. The album seemed doomed to linger in an abyss of setbacks after the master tapes were confiscated and detained in moralistic quarantine by outraged Scandinavian customs agents. BREATHILIZOR's reputation as alchemists

of unmatched Satanic brutality preceded them and the delay ignited a

series of murder, arson and sodomy all across Europe. The reels were

eventually returned to Ohio and the album was issued on a limited

edition compact disc that instantly sold out and has since become a

fiercely sought-after commodity among underground collectors. Now, at long last, this putrid metal classic has again been made available to the masses in the vastly superior vinyl format! This soul-ripping slab of blasphemous black wax

comes encased in a hand-screened gatefold cover featuring the depraved artwork of Mike Dianna and Mike Schaeffer. Engage your senses with a bestial wad of fist-fucking mongoloid metal the likes of which only BREATHILIZOR could deliver. Three hundred copies pressed so act without hesitation. This is the true soundtrack of hell.

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