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CORRUPT LEADERS - Grindmother 7"

Skull crushing, pounding, explosively fast grind from Canada. With them, every record gets better and faster, while at the same time taking more punishing blasts to throw into the mix.


Grindmother's four blink-and-you'll-miss-them minutes snap and bite like only the best grindcore does. -Noisey 

A pounding roar of a record, that needs to be played as loud as possible to upset as many neighbors as you can. -Smash 

A 3 minute blast of skull-crushing ferocity. Taking a cue from bands like Nasum and Napalm Death, the band offers catchy guitar riffs over mile-a-minute drumbeats that unfortunately end too soon. -antiMusic 

Makes me think of a faster and more savage version of Black Breath, but the vocals have more of a grainy black metal characteristic. 
-Rock n Reel Reviews 

They sound more pissed off, shrieking and a bit brighter, which almost leads us into black metal fields. -Morbus Blast Beats 

The band as a whole is tight, but I have to give it the rhythm section for standing out in this blur of sonic fury. Grindmother is a true aural assault even in it's brevity and check out that witchy album cover! -Stranger With Friction 

With the grind of early Napalm Death, with less technical and abrasive crust, the mixture of extreme styles of blasphemy that takes no prisoners! -El Comenta Mierda 

4 ruthless tracks, by a group fluctuates all the time between the Crust and Grindcore, in a manner similar to that of my beloved Extreme Noise Terror. Rain Forest's 66-year old mother screaming at the beginning of the song! Applause for her, please. -Puiro Ruido 

The family that grinds together! These guys may go one to do very big, very loud things some day. But of course, this gem will always be part of their history. -OC Weekly