Good split turned up to me just at the right moment this hazy February morning. I have listened to one of these bands before - Depresy Mouse from Czech (and it rules!), but another one - Slovak Paskuda became a pleasant fiding for me. So I pressed "Play" button more and more...

Some words about music itself. Paskuda open the split with six tracks (5+intro) of energetic grind/hardcore with some downtempo parts. It reminded me Brasilian veterans Rot, and I think that such oldschool bands influence Slovak dudes in their activity as a rule. I really liked raw, solid sound of Paskuda music.

Depresy Mouse also come with six tracks of fast, explosive mix of grindcore, darkened crust and some thrashcore touches. It's like Abortion meets Agathocles, something in this way. I think fans of both mentioned bands will like Depresy Mouse very much. - For Grind Blog

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