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Let's start with METH LEPPARD. This Adelaide, Australia 2 piece come at you this time around with a seriously well rounded grindcore attack. Their side of this split with New Jersey band DURIAN takes its inspiration from the early days of grind and has it all, from blistering blasts, to mid-paced thrashing and classic breakdowns. METH LEPPARD is back to put on a clinic on how to put a fresh, new, powerful take on a classic sound. To the DURIAN side. This east coast outfit is a much welcomed mix of grind and powerviolence. This time around, their punk styled riffs and raw grind delivery along with some deep clawing vocals make for a potent mixture indeed. Their unique sound will have you begging for more. And with both bands ending with covers from a couple of hero status grind legends, this 7" has everything good about grind from past as well as present.