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HOLY SONS - Lost Decade II LP

$ 14.00

Hidden away in a virtual cave during the 90's, Emil Amos (Om, Grails, Lilacs & Champagne) amassed a catalog of over 1000 songs, never submitting any of them to a label or playing live. Working tirelessly in various basements across North Carolina, he used the 4-track as a radical therapeutic device to unravel various psychological conflictions and capture an ongoing spiritual implosion on tape. 15 Years after the first volume of songs from that era was released ["Lost Decade" in '99], a second volume has been dug out and rescued from endless piles of cassettes. There's an unparalleled intimacy to these recordings that could probably only be compared to Daniel Johnston's walkman tapes made while he was committed in a psych ward. In a ritualistic attempt to capture the rawest picture of human behavior, mescaline was ingested regularly before recording... giving a witchlike glow to the songs in this collection. For any long-time Holy Sons listener this collection fills in some of the blanks of one of the most reticent and under-acknowledged song-writer/producers of the last 20 years. Features contributions from comedian DUNCAN TRUSSELL. LIMITED TO 500 COPIES ON CLEAR VINYL.