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Let me start by saying that this is record is a self-contained party. If your not interested in parties or fun or what have you, might I suggest Train's "Drops of Jupiter". Now, if your not off on iTunes (or wherever the fuck it is that moms buy music) buying said Train album, let's talk about how much fun you will have listening Honey Badger's "Buena Park". Short answer; all of it. This circular piece of Orange County awesome is etched with a surprising variety of crunchy hit's. From upbeat cowpunk sing-a-longs to head hanging, synth-laden post punk rippers, the album never looses a dance-able pulse. The music is undeniably garage pop in it's foundation but the bubblegum you often find in this kind of stuff is all but absent, leaving recognizable tunes with a raw delivery (this being the best type of delivery aside from pizza). What I'm saying is, this music is much more similar to pizza than it is to bubblegum. I hope that helps. + Digital Download.

Track Listing:

1. Eugene Scott

2. New Gun

3. Funky C

4. Gut Rot

5. Front Pocket

6. Bumstick

7. Meat Mountain

8. Riff Noodler

9. Witch House

10. D Minor

11. Minimal Song

12. Shadow Park

13. Bone Zone

14. Swap Meet

15. Coyote Creek