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Extreme fastcore riddled with a myriad of disruptive breaks, frenzied guitar riffs and insanely fast machine gun blasts... This dynamic duo is without question one of Holland's tightest and fastest bands... I'm feeling an early Napalm Death grindcore vibe at the core which is what keeps me hooked despite not being the biggest fan of their immoderate use of stop-and-go techniques (which seems all the rage these days)... The band is going pretty insane with the content changes in rhythmic direction, they borrow from a bunch of different music styles, some punk stuff and even some more death metal sounding riffs, all expertly executed but structurally scrambled in a disjointed manner. Vocals are primarily gnarly natural shrieks with a switching of register on a couple of songs with some pitch-shifted gurglers and some pig-squealing growls. I'm more into the pitch-shifted ones personally which almost makes the band sound like an early Retaliation style goregrind re-incarnation! Production is sounding pretty fucking huge. Since I'm reviewing them back to back, I can say this release has a slightly more tangible guitar tone than the previous one "tOt", it's slightly less heavy but crunchier-sounding and more decipherable on the whole. Overall a winner for freaks of fastcore with a fat sound like Lycanthrophy.

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