Fatass Records

In cooperation via Fat Ass Records & The Child With No Name
45 rpm
01.Neuropathia - Strawberry Injection 01:38
02.Neuropathia - Torino Lover 02:19
03.Neuropathia - Violent Variation About Life Of Jerzy Roziewicz 02:02
01.Straight Hate - Fuck Off 01:07
02.Straight Hate - The Downfall Of Authority 01:23
03.Straight Hate - System Overload 01:31
04.Straight Hate - Brain Damage 02:24
Psychoradek - drums
Jawor - bass
Rodak - guitars
Konrad - vocals
The last (last for now!!!) 3 songs were recorded in January/February 2011 in Studnia Studio, Białystok.
Mixed & mastered by Rodak. 
"Strawberry injection" & "Torino lover" came out previously on the Neuropathia / Ojciec Dyktator split tape released by Instant Classic & Oficyna Biedota cooperation. 
"Violent..." song was to be part of Jerzy Roziewicz memorial compilation.
To be honest, we do not fuckin' know what went wrong with the idea. 
So, here they are!! Enjoy! Hugs & Kisses to the Boys, Girls and those Between!
Layout by Maciej Kamuda.
Straight Hate:
Kuba Brewczyński - vocals
Kamil Nowicki- guitars
Przemek Bojar - bass
Radek Grygiel - drums
Drums recorded at Tzar studio in November 2014, engineered by Czarek Socha.
Guitars and bass parts recorded at Sound Territory Studio between November and December 2014, engineered by Przemek Bojar.
Vocals recorded at Sonic Destruction Studio in February 2015, engineered by Piotr Sulej.
All material mixed and mastered at Sound Territory Studio between February and March 2015 by Przemek Bojar.
All music composed by Straight Hate.
Lyrics by Kuba Brewczyński.
Translation by Katarzyna Wawerska.
Layout by Marcin 'St. Chaos' Studziński.
Photo by K-90.

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