SQUASH BOWELS - Grindcoholism CD

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SQUASH BOWELS - Grindcoholism CD

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Polish goregrind butchers are back with their 6th full length and brand new album “Grindcoholism”. Recorded at world famous Hertz Studio in Bialystok, Poland, “Grindcoholism” features 14 hyper fast, unrelenting grindcore songs filled with old school sound and fueled by gore approach. The Polish trio doesn’t fuck around and brings you one of their best releases to date. Once you hear it you will be addicted to grind and become die-hard Grindcoholic!!!



1. Tastelessness

2. Trap

3. The Theater

4. Surrender?

5. The Second...

6. Inclinations To...

7. Grindcoholism

8. Steering

9. Naked Positive Act

10. La Mienta

11. Compassions

12. Litany Of Hungry

13. Foreign Will

14. Stigmatizing

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