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WAKING THE DEAD / D.F.C. - Split 7"

From the ashes of Skulls And Flames Waking The Dead - arised. they currently have a new line up, old guitarist from Skulls and Flames and a metalhead on another guitar. In July 2011 they're doing their first recording session with this line up and the tunes from this session will be released on this split 7" with DFC from Brazil and the rest of songs on a great Dutch compilation double7"EP or 12"LP that will be released at the end of 2011 by Bart from Lomb. Early 2012 they're going to release their next full-lenght 12"LP. The new line up had a slow start,  but now they are ready to thrash the world !!! And first continent which will shake in the basics going to be Brazil in November 2011 {the 16th till 28th}. The tidbit for short, fast & loud crossover/thrash mayhem stuff early DRI, Suicidal Tendencies fans. This is D.I.Y. thrash punk not bloody fucking stars !!!  



DFC {brazilian hardcore/thrash veterans} -

Playing fast screamed blazing hardcore/thrash with buzzing metallic guitars and maniac vocals right up in your ass since 1993 ala Dirty Rotten Imbeciles meets Los Crudos. Non-stop thrash with a rapid-fire vocal delivery. Six albums released and tons of compilations and splits around the world. Not suitable for children. Sounds like Attitude Adjustment, Cryptic Slaughter, D.R.I., English Dogs, Olho Seco, Ratos de Porao.