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Underground Pollution Records

YATTAI - Fast Music Means Love LP

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"YATTAI are from Angouleme France and are veterans of their underground scene, having played more than 100 shows since the inception of their “uncompromised grindcore” monster. While playing wickedly brutal anti-melodies, YATTAI claim to be spreading positive energy and attempt to remind people that there’s more to life than just drinking and music.

stream of consciousness response: excellent production, I can hear everything, evn during the moments of hyper fast chaos. Blast beats abound in every one of the abominations called songs. Prevalent dual vocals in traditional grind style: cookie monster meets a chicken being raped.

This CD is 16 songs within about as many minutes, and is officially released as a one sided LP. This music is absolutely punishing to the ears, and while its done very well, to be honest I’m glad it isn’t much longer. The technical prowess on this is amazing, the music doesn’t sound rushed, but rather likes it’s a 33rpm record being played at 45rpm. This is grindcore true to form, and stands above others within the genre." - Profane Existence